Harry Hiner

Why is AIM *always* our first call? Mostly, it’s that they never fail. The recruiting is superb, their facilities are beautiful, and the show rate is exceptional. Just as important is the process: upbeat, collaborative, consultative, and professional, professional, professional.

Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide has been working with AIM LA for close to 20 years because we know that we can rely on them to execute the work with professionalism and competence. Their attention to detail and their flexibility working with our clients is greatly appreciated, and their passion is evident in the service that they provide.

Danielle Alvarez

AIM Long Beach has been invaluable in some of our most successful consumer projects. The facility staff is always helpful & on top of our client/consultant needs. However, the real star is the creative thinking by the project directors on reaching difficult and challenging target audiences. I highly recommend them.

Brian McMahon

We have repeatedly challenged AIM with very difficult recruits, and they have always come through for us.

Armando Potter

Working in advertising, deadlines are always fast and last minute. I love how quickly AIM is able to work with me to get the exact recruit I’m looking for, in any city, without any hiccups or delays. AIM is an invaluable resource for my research needs.